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Streamlining 3D Printing for Architects with Automatic Design Modification Software

Enhance your design process with our integrated 3D printing farm. We can split large models into smaller parts and print them simultaneously, saving time and improving efficiency. Our technology allows for more flexibility in design, giving you the freedom to create intricate and complex models with ease. With faster production times and accurate results, our approach opens up new possibilities for large-scale models that are both functional and visually stunning. Experience the power of our advanced technology and take your designs to the next level.

Why Glashaus3D for Architects?

At Glashaus3D, we understand the specific needs of architects and provide tailored 3D solutions to meet their requirements. Here are three key reasons why architects choose Glashaus3D:

Converting Raw Data into a Printable Model

With our expertise in 3D modeling and printing, we excel at converting raw architectural data, such as CAD files or 3D scans, into highly accurate and printable models. Whether it’s a detailed architectural design or a complex prototype, we ensure that the final printed model faithfully represents your vision, allowing you to better visualize and communicate your designs.

Large Printing Capability

At Glashaus3D, we offer a wide variety of printing models, and our printers can handle sizes up to 1 cubic meter. This means you have the freedom to bring your architectural concepts to life on a scale that suits your project. From intricate details to larger-scale models, our printing capabilities enable you to showcase your designs in their true magnitude.

Splitting, Customization, and Magnetic Assembly

We understand that certain architectural models can be complex and require customization or ease of transportation. That’s why at Glashaus3D, we offer the unique ability to split your model into multiple parts. This allows for printing each part with different colors or parameters, adding visual appeal and highlighting various design elements. Once the printing is complete, our innovative magnetic assembly system makes it effortless to connect the individual parts, creating a seamless and sturdy model. This feature not only enhances the presentation of your model to clients but also makes it easier to transport and showcase your designs.

Various Technologies: SLA and FDM

We provide access to cutting-edge technologies, including Stereolithography (SLA) and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). These technologies offer architects diverse options for their projects. SLA technology ensures exceptional precision and surface quality, making it ideal for architectural models that require intricate details. FDM technology, on the other hand, provides durability and strength, allowing for the creation of robust prototypes and functional architectural elements.

At Glashaus3D, we are committed to empowering architects with high-quality 3D printing services, enabling you to bring your architectural visions to life with precision and creativity.

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